About Us

We are the Tennessee Hemp Expo!

The Tennessee Hemp expos have been organized and promoted for all the many segments of the industry to connect and network. We also create an atmosphere of education and advocacy. Networking and education aren’t enough? Then just come for the fun! We’ve selected cities that have a lot to offer. Regardless if you’re into relaxing in your downtime or if you like the nightlife, Chattanooga has much to offer. We’ll even be throwing an after party. Regardless if you’ve been in the industry for years or if you’re exploring new opportunities to enter this growing and exciting industry you’ll want to be a part of these events.

So, who’s behind the Tennessee Hemp Expo?

We’re glad you asked! The Tennessee Hemp Expo is presented by VCE, or the Vapers Carnival Expos. We have been coordinating the leading vaping expos in the U.S. for years. VCE has put on some the best and highest attended vape expos in the country. The Vapers Carnival has a strong focus on the benefits of vaping as a harm reduction product and advocacy of the industry. This has led to the conversion of hundreds of smokers to vaping. Thousands of consumers and business owners have attended and hundreds and hundreds of companies have exhibited at a Vapers Carnival Event. These consumers and business owners have haled from all over the globe. We’ve also raised tens of thousands of dollars to advocate the benefits of the products. Now we bring the same passion to another industry that will help society and change the world. Our passion and integrity will lead the Tennessee Hemp Expo to become the leading trade show in the industry. Together we can connect, learn, & grow!