Jessica Arent

Jessica L Arent
CEO – PROMESA, LLC – An International Hemp Consulting Firm
COO –Hailey’s Hemp Co. – A Vertically Integrated Hemp Company- Seed to Sale

A new kind of deadly synthetic cannabis with violent after-effects has surfaced in the New Zealand
city of Auckland. The last time a deadly batch reared its head, in July last year, it was blamed for a
spate of seven deaths within weeks and sparked an unprecedented joint warning from the chief
coroner and police.
About 30 deaths have provisionally been linked to synthetic cannabis nationwide since June 2017 –
with two deaths in Auckland in recent weeks

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control , synthetic products marketed as
cannabidiol (CBD) sickened at least 52 people in Utah last winter, sending 31 of them to
emergency rooms.
In recent weeks, the agency released a report on a poisoning outbreak that occurred in the state
between December 2017 and January 2018, in which it linked to one or more synthetic
cannabinoids being sold as authentic Cannabidiol extract, and sadly, users reported that they had
purchased such products from CBD authorized retailers.
All of the patients identified in the report believed they were consuming legally derived CBD,
which has no potential for psychoactive effects, and CBD’s reputation for health has grown, many
new users have sought out products for an effective way to help with pain, anxiety, and a number of
other ailments.
Over the past several years, however, a growing range of unregulated products claiming to contain
CBD have also been flooding state and national marketplaces, putting consumers at risk. Last year,
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration moved to crack down on four CBD manufacturers and
distributors, particularly focusing on the companies’ claims around cancer treatment, and promises
of health that cannot yet be justified.

In the fall of 2017 one of the biggest industry manufacturers had a massive explosion due to the
unsafe exposure of barrels of ethanol, a solvent used to extract the oil, shattering glass columns of
the extraction machine, injuring the lab technicians and contaminating any and all product that had
been produced in the lab with the explosive and highly poisonous solvent and glass shards.

Despite the risks involved, processing concentrated products is one of the fastest-growing segments
of the Cannabis and Hemp industry. In states where adult-use cannabis is legal, edibles made from
concentrates represent 10 percent of the total market and tinctures, salves, lotions, oral syringes and
capsules another 50% of the CBD market. It is also among the most lucrative with considerable
profit margins.
Medical grade hemp and cannabis processing began with patients who didn’t want to smoke their
medicine and preferred odorless topicals, smokeless vaping or ingestible foods, oils or tinctures.
Caregivers who specialize in extracting oils from cannabis use solvents to strip away anything from
the plant they don’t want and leave them with the concentrated parts they do, like the psychoactive
element THC or the cannabinoid CBD. They put the oils in capsules, vaporizers or food.
Explosions can occur as people pump butane fuel through a tube packed with marijuana plants to
draw out THC and produce the highly potent concentrate that is known by various names, including
hash oil, shatter and wax. The process can fill a room with volatile butane vapors that may be
ignited by a flame or spark.
In 2014, there were 32 blasts associated with extraction labs in Colorado, injuring 17 people and
prompting lawmakers in that state to make home extraction a felony. Dramatic videos posted online
show houses with blown-out walls and processors being thrown across rooms by flash fires.

The purpose of this presentation is to bring to light the grow, cultivation, harvest, extraction and
production issues of safety and global compliance that will affect our industry and the credibility of
the medicine if we do not take this component of production seriously.

Living by Example; In 2002 Jessica Arent worked with the department of transportation and
the Mexico Ministry of Transportation to change laws in relocation for those moving in and
out of Mexico. Jessica’sw efforts brought about a more efficient and cost effective
methodology to the border issues encountered when attempting to cross in or out with
household goods.

In 2006 Jessica Arent effectively set up a lucrative villa rental home program in the top six
Mexico destinations ,driving travel and tourism back to suffering economies resulting in
millions of dollars in revenue and strong economic return

In 2009 Jessica worked with the Mexico board of Tourism, implementing the first online
resource for same sex weddings generating millions in revenue for Mexico wedding vendors
and creating an online presence for 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ specific destinations driving tourism
economy, resulting in millions in revenue for Mexico in tourism and travel.

In 2012 Jessica worked with a number of tequila brands and distilleries in Mexico to bring to
a global market brands of promise and excellence and introduce the world to phenomenal
tequilas. Jessica’s contributions have been instrumental in product development, chain supply
and distribution globally. Because of those contributions the number of distilleries in Mexico
have gone from 9 to 64 and climbing, and the # of tequila products now being registered
NOMs are in the thousands. The tequila region is becoming a destination for tourism with
millions being invested in improvements for the tequila experience. Hotels & resorts are in
development and a town of a few hundred has exploded into thousands with vocational
schools and income opportunity where just a few years ago there was none. Jessica was
instrumental in changing the economy and driving a vision for the future.

Today, Jessica has taken each of those experiences and accomplishments, and brought them to
the Hemp Industry. From seed to sale concepts, and excellence in service models, Jessica now
consults in the Hemp space. Her experience and knowledge allows her to impose a
professionalism and standard to a new emerging industry that requires a professional acumen
and common sense to execute the best business practices in the hemp space.

Under Promesa, LLC, Jessica is a leading and well respected consultant in the Hemp Space.
Consulting on grow technology, production and manufacturing practices and private label
and branding concepts that drive sales and success.
Under Hailey’s Hemp, Jessica is Chief Operations Officer. (

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