Paul Stanford

Paul Stanford has been a cannabis activist for over 40 years. Stanford was the director and spokesperson for the 2012 campaign to legalize marijuana in Oregon, Ballot Measure 80. Stanford started Tree Free EcoPaper in 1988 and imported and sold hemp paper and fabric from China between 1988-97. Stanford is an organic cannabis grower and has won many awards in Oregon for the quality of his medical marijuana. Stanford has given away over 3,000 kilos of free medical marijuana to sick and dying patients since 2001. Stanford worked on Oregon’s 1986 marijuana initiative vote, the second time in United States history that a state voted to legalize marijuana. Stanford worked with Jack Herer on the first (1985) and subsequent editions of Herer’s seminal hemp manifesto, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. In 1996, Stanford began producing and hosting a weekly cable TV show in Portland called Cannabis Common Sense, which continues today on cable TV and the Internet. Stanford founded The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation (THCF), in 1999 and began working with doctors to help medical marijuana patients obtain state authorizations. THCF Medical Clinics has helped over 270,000 people become legal, licensed medical marijuana patients in OR, WA, CA, CO, HI, MT, & MI. Stanford has also written articles in High Times magazine and for a compilation book that Ed Rosenthal edited called Hemp Today. Stanford is an international cannabis conference speaker at Expogrow in Spain, Expoweed in both Mexico and Chile, ExpoMedeWeed in Colombia, ExpoCannabis in Uruguay, the Hemp Environmental Forum in Japan, ExpoLimaWeed in Peru, CannafestMX in Mexico and ExpoHaze in Argentina. He also speaks at many domestic US events such as Seattle Hempfest, the Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest in Madison, Wisconsin, the NYC Cannabis Parade, the NoCo Hemp Expo and recently was the keynote speaker for the 2020 Texas Hemp Convention in Dallas. Stanford also lectured at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania and the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. Stanford continues producing weekly episodes of his TV show, Cannabis Common Sense, operating medical clinics to help patients obtain their state’s permit to possess, use and grow medical marijuana, and he continues to grow medical and adult social use cannabis in Oregon, and he also grows cannabis hemp for seed for oil, bioplastics, biofuel and protein, and hemp fiber for paper, building materials and textiles.

Paul Stanford is a business man, entrepreneur and political activist. Stanford helped restore America’s hemp industry as the first to import and market hemp cloth and paper from China and Europe with his companies, Tree Free EcoPaper and Ropewalk Fiber and Fabric Corporation, 1988-1997. In 1999, Stanford started a medical clinic business with no outside investments, helping patents by employing physicians to authorize state medical marijuana permits. He grew it into a $5 million a year company with 90 employees, working with 80 doctors in 60 cities across Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Montana, Michigan, and Arizona. Stanford has helped 270,000 Americans obtain their state’s permit to possess, use and grow medical marijuana. He was the spokesperson and primary funder of Oregon’s 2012 marijuana legalization vote, Ballot Measure 80. He is an award-winning cannabis cultivator in the state of Oregon, and Oregon is known to have the best cannabis in the world. He is a speaker at cannabis and hemp conferences and convention across America and the world, including Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Japan, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. He hosts a weekly TV show called Cannabis Common Sense that is on cable TV and the Internet, continuously since 1996, with over 1,000 episodes.